Note From Nilmini: Being Creagous

As an English major I tend not to be a fan of made-up words. But this one – Creagous – came to me during a morning meditation as I was attempting to set an intention for the day. “Creagousness” requires both Creativity and Courage, two actions that are hard in and of themselves, especially as we get older. I do believe however, that these are the very qualities we must cultivate and nurture to move through the world with purpose.
Last week, I had the gift of spending quality time with Sotheby’s colleagues at a “Friend-Working” event in Tahoe. This was my second year, and I had a wonderful time. Last year, although I was invited, I almost didn’t go because of loud, limiting beliefs that kept shouting at me in my head – “I am not an amazing skier, it will be embarrassing”, “I don’t know these people”, “I don’t like snow and cold”, “I have never traveled with skis and it will be too hard”, and the biggest, baddest of all, “I don’t belong”. This was the first event of its kind for me, and I am so glad I told that voice to shut the hell up and got on that plane, enormous ski bag and all! Why? Because, I met some of the most kind, interesting, creative, smart and fun humans I had met in a while who have expanded my heart and professional network allowing me to refer the best in the business to those I love around the country and the world. This is the essence of Sotheby’s International Realty and one of the key reasons I feel so aligned with this brokerage. I got CREAGOUS and it paid me back in spades!
As the first quarter draws to a close the real estate market has also required “creagousness”. While there is more active inventory than this time last year - about 12% more- and half the homes receive an offer in 10 days after about 15 showings, the overall volume of transactions is down from previous years. Each week, I watch the MLS closely for new listings that would be a great fit for my buyers, and attend weekly sales meetings where we share our private exclusives, also known as “upcoming listings” in the hopes of finding a match that is a win-win for all. I send letters to neighbors alerting them of my upcoming listings and invite them to a private, neighbors only open house. I share my listings far and wide through all my networks to generate excitement and momentum before opening weekend. There are many other marketing tactics I utilize that sometimes make me step out of my comfort zone, like property videos, and require both courage and creativity to implement.
Waiting for what I want to fall in my lap has never been my style, in work and in life. While it can feel hard and exhausting at times, especially when things don’t happen as fast as I would like, I keep finding ways to sharpen my saw, enhance my skills and broaden my connections to help my clients achieve their real estate goals. I care deeply about serving at the highest level, so I continuously work on growth and improvement. Whether you are searching for a home, or facing a new adventure or chapter in your life, where can you get “creagous”? What is at stake if you remain stagnant? Is the reward worth the risk?

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