Momentum is Everything

Last week I was showing homes to some dear friends of mine in the mountains. Because they are just starting to sift through what their dream for this next home really is, we saw properties that were on a wide spectrum – in price, size, location, and level of updates.  Since this will be a second home for them, the search looks different and will take longer than if it was for their primary home. As they processed the day’s showings to find the core of what they were looking for, it occurred to me that in house-hunting and in life, momentum is everything.   


For those of us who are considering a move- up purchase or a down-size to better accommodate the changing seasons of life, envisioning what that next home could be is hard.  If there is no urgency that is causing one to move (death, divorce, babies, or job changes) it is tempting to take one’s time with the home search.  It is also tempting to imagine that the next move will be to a “perfect house” in the “best location”, and for a “great deal”.  In my experience, I have learned that there really is no such scenario regardless of price point.  Compromises need to be made along the way and this is normal, especially if this brings you closer to achieving your end goal.  


And yet, sitting back and waiting for the perfect home or perfect buyer who will pay the price you want is a very common human tendency.  With more choices on the market now than we have had in 10 years, this “wait and see” approach is becoming much more prevalent.  However, I believe strongly that unless you take action and move in the direction of your dream/desire/goal/home, nothing actually happens.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  Whether you believe in universal energy, or a higher power who has a plan for your future, it is simple - unless you are clear about what you want, you will not get it.   


Summer offers a unique opportunity to pause, play and re-set.  If you are considering a move, I encourage you to take the time, find a place of quiet and visualize the life you wish to live. What is your future self is doing that brings joy each day, from the magnificent to the mundane?  The details or “bricks and sticks” of the home will take care of itself and the house WILL find you.  But only you can make it happen by taking real, decisive, and intentional action in the direction of your dreams! 

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