Opportunity Within Seasonal Change

Dare I say it? I believe spring is finally here! Although I have worked hard to embrace the winters in Colorado, or at least attempt to find joy during that season, I LOVE spring. The birds I hear in the morning from my meditation room, the flowers that are bravely peeking through and the trees that are starting to bud - all of it makes my heart smile!!
I didn’t grow up with seasons. I grew up with hot, humid months followed by three months of monsoon rains before it started all over again. After 20 years in Denver, I have grown to welcome the seasonal changes because they have a story – there is a beginning, middle and end to each season, and they also serve to break up the 12-month calendar year into 4 quarters.
I find that these seasonal changes provide an opportunity to for me to reflect, plan and execute on professional and personal goals. It's like a fresh start every three months - a chance to release what didn’t serve into the past and begin to write the present to secure the future. For me, spring is full of real estate activity, and I am always grateful when the business blooms! It is also chock full of celebrating milestones in my girls’ lives. I LOVE the concerts, performances, and graduations that mark the passage of time.
This year, I am being more intentional about stepping into the opportunities this season brings. I am actively releasing habits, thought patterns and things that happened in the dark winter that keep me stuck in a negative head space. I am leaning into new things that bring me joy, like returning to modern dance (yikes!), being more mindful about alcohol and sugar consumption and waking up early. I feel really different and it’s only been a few weeks!
Does this opportunity to start again with the change of seasons resonate with you? If so, what are you doing differently? What are you releasing and what are you embracing? As always, I love hearing from you

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